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We identify and create business opportunities together with you for your export business. We do it through our solid competence and long  experience in international business.

We offer you business developers with experience from many different markets internationally. We mainly work with smaller and medium-sized companies.

We develop your skills while creating business results directly in your business.

Welcome to a dialogue about your ambitions and needs.

Sture Nyberg, CEO

Swedexport AB

““We saw the need for better conditions to develop our international business.
Swedexport certainly fulfills this need””

CEO, Håkansson Sågblad AB

Swedexport AB

““Swedexport has really hit a big need in the market!

And exemplary helped us with good sales channels on the German market"”

CEO, HRD Carpets AB

Swedexport AB

““Swedexport pointed out what is important to consider and has contributed to an improved way of working for the entire group””

Export Sales, Designtak AB

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