Export Development

On your terms

Invest in a new market

Are you in the starting position to invest in a completely new export market with new business opportunities?

In order to take full advantages of the opportunities, there are many things to understand and handle. Do you have the resources and neccessary skills to carry out the investment effectively?

Take help of our experienced specialists to reach full effect on your investment!

Develop an existing market

When a martket doesn't perform as planned, maybe it's time for a redo or a fresh restart.

Our export developers have the experience and the skills to guide you through it when you find it difficult.

With the right analysis, methods and support
, your can reach completely different results than before.


Your export business is our business idea.

No matter where you are

No matter where you are on your export journey, we will help you to identify and activate growth potential



Our unique range of services

Our services are specially designed for the exporting company that wants to get help quickly and reach further

Strategic path choices

Potential plan

Where are your absolute biggest  growth opportunities in exports!

With our help and experience you develop your potential plan, which means you will focus on the absolutely crucial areas for your growt.



Second opinion/research

How well is your current export setup performing today? Or are you in a startup phase and haven't got live. Is there untapped potential you haven't identified yet? Use our second opinion to identify new business opportinities!



Advice and guidance

Continious coaching for operational and strategic export work. Use a professional advisor for direct support or for more longterm export matters.



Knowledge development

The knowledge network

Do you have areas that you are determined to implement, but perhaps lack the optimal methods and the right skills?

We match specialist skills with your needs to acheive the greatest effect.




Strategic workshops

Transform your real export potential into concrete result-driving measures

We support you in your process of developing the solutions.




We have training courses that can raise your export sales skills to completely new levels! At basic level or for the really experienced.

The training is digital with mentor support.




Market selection

New markets require a good analysis and selection criterias that enable the right conditions for your success.

We have the resources to support you in the selection process.



Partner search

Good distributors/ dealers don't grow on trees.

Let us help you with the search, selection and partner matching for the optimal outcome.



Cooperation models

Effective sales collaborations needs the right conditions.

Take advantages of our professional plans and models that can boost your ongoing business relationship.


Do you want help all the way when you
invest in a new market

We also provide complete export projects
with everything from grain to loaves

Our competence is …

Based on the knowledge and experience gained from recruiting more than 150,000 national and international customers in > 50 markets.

We help both Swedish and international SME companies to develop their sales in various markets.

We support and coach entrepreneurs on their business development journey.

Boost your own export development with the help of our expert competence

Second Opinion

What challenges do export companies face?

Of course there are many challenges. finns det många olika utmaningar. However, the consistent thing is that many of them look similar in most companies.

Some examples what the customers say:

  • We have difficulty finding good distributors/dealers (sales partners
  • The sales partners we have do not live up to expectations at all
  • Sales processes take too long
  • We have difficulkty understanding what the customers/partners really want
  • We and our sales partners have such different expectations of the outcome
  • The exhibition we invested in did not at all yield the outcome we had expected
  • It is difficult for us to manage sales channels in other time zones
  • Our sales partners often require exclusivity
  • We lack the right contacts in the selected market
  • We underestimated the complexity of selling in this market
  • Our offers do not give the full effect
  • Our competitor seems to have a strong hold on customers
  • The customers probably don't understand how good our products are

Our comment:
For all these challenges there are effective and good solutions. Absolutely!

Hear with us which solutions may  be best for you!




Are you struggling like many others with your export sales?

We know  that as many as up to 80% of the markets small and medium sized companies have invetsed in, do not go as planned!

The companies themselves say that "it is difficult to get enough time and energy and that the road to acheiving results take too long. The resources we have are fragmented and not enough for the investment we want to implement."

The beauty in the crow song is that this is not unique in any way. Many have been and are in the same situation.

At the same time, there are many interesting companies that have really succeeded in their export sales. Far beyond the results most comapies dream of.

What is the lesson in this then?
Well, to take advantage of the knowledge and skills available and use the methods that really works. And use it as leverage to achieve success yourselvf. That is why we exist! To transfer the knowledge to your benefit and lay the foundation for your success.


How a well-thought-out export strategy helps you reach further

A well-thought-out export strategy can help companies succeed in several ways.

By analyzing the sales methods you use today on exports and the analyzing where the greatest business potential is, we can identify the biggest gaps that can most easily be filled with new and effective methods for you to reach your sales goals.

With good and effective sales strategies, you then choose the market and sales channels that reach the business potential you are aiming for the fastest and easiest.

By choosing the right sales methods, locations and partners, a solid foundation is laid for a successful result. To simply be in the right place and seen in the right way where the customers are and can be attracted.

Second Opinion
Swedexport AB

“We saw the need for better conditions to develop our international business.
Swedexport certainly fulfills this need”

CEO, Håkansson Sågblad AB

Swedexport AB

““Swedexport has really hit a big need in the market!

And exemplary helped us with good sales channels on the German market"”

CEO, Horredsmattan

Swedexport AB

“Swedexport pointed out what is important to consider and has contributed to an improved way of working for the entire group”

Export Sales, Designtak

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